What is Advanced Air Mobility?

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) refers to the transformative transportation systems that utilize next generation aircraft to provide efficient and sustainable regional mobility solutions. These systems aim to revolutionize air transportation through advancements in aircraft configurations that incorporate various fuel types and take-off styles. AAM has the potential to transform transportation, logistics, emergency services, urban development, as well as numerous industries.

Specifically, Illinois has a geographical advantage in terms of its diverse landscape, encompassing the world-renowned metropolitan area of the Chicagoland region, as well as the rural regions of the state. This allows for a wide range of operational scenarios and potential use cases for AAM, from urban air taxis and cargo delivery in densely populated areas to emergency medical services and transportation in remote or underserved regions. The proximity of these metropolitan areas to the more rural areas within Illinois also means that AAM operators can potentially serve a large and varied customer base. This could lead to increased demand and revenue opportunities for operators, making Illinois an attractive location for AAM operations.

Illinois is home to a robust transportation and logistics industry, with major airports, transportation hubs, and a strong aviation ecosystem. This existing infrastructure, along with the state's commitment to innovation and technology, could provide a supportive environment for the development and integration of AAM systems.

Project Overview

To prepare for the anticipated growth in AAM, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) commissioned the Illinois AAM System Plan. This plan will encompass several key components, including defining the existing aviation system that can support AAM infrastructure (known as a vertiport), establishing a system vision and associated goals that align with the state’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), and developing an implementation and policy framework of AAM integration into the State’s transportation network.

Project Purpose

The Illinois AAM System Plan has several objectives, including fostering collaboration with constituents, promoting equity, and creating opportunities throughout the state. Ultimately, the Illinois AAM System Plan will serve as a foundation for Illinois to establish a framework for the safe and efficient integration of AAM into its transportation network.


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